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Conker Bowling

Collecting conkers is a bit addictive, and sometimes you’re left with piles of them – which is a good time to play ten-pin conker bowling…

First, each player picks three conkers to use as their bowls balls – the largest, roundest ones will have the smoothest trajectory and most power. Then set out the bowling alley either inside on smooth, non-carpeted floors or outside on flat ground. Line up rows of big conkers five deep, and tapering from one to five wide, similar to the layout in a ten-pin bowling alley.

Make a starting line a few metres away. Each player takes it in turn to roll their big conkers and tries to knock as many of the set-up conkers out of the way as they can. You score one for a conker in the first line, two for a conker in the second line, three for a conker in the third line, and so on. After each person’s go, set up the conkers again. The winner is the person with the highest score after playing a set number of games.