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Mini Toffee Apples

Sometimes a whole toffee apple can be too much. These bite-sized versions are easy for children to mould themselves, and go down very well with trick and treaters at Hallowe’en.

Makes approximately 16
4 large dessert apples
1 quantity of soft toffee
Greased baking sheet and oil or butter

Using a melon scoop, cut out rounds of apple (don’t worry if they are not perfect). Alternatively, cut apples into quarter wedges and core. Stick a cocktail stick into each one. Put oil or butter on your finger and take a twist of soft toffee about the size of a walnut and flatten to a round shape. Mould around the apple rounds – the children might like to make their own. Stand the toffee apples on oiled greaseproof paper or wrap individually in cling-film. They will keep for a day.