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Teacake Spiders

These take just a minute to put together and always make trick or treaters laugh ghoulishly.

You’ll need:
Chocolate teacakes, one per spider
4 black pipe cleaners per spider
White chocolate buttons
Yellow, red and green icing tubes

Twist 4 pipe cleaners together in the middle, making a flat base for the chocolate teacake to sit on. Spread out the 8 legs, making a bend at each ‘knee’ about two-thirds up, and flattening a little foot at the end so the spider can stand up. Nestle a teacake in the middle of each spider leg shape and push the pipe cleaners around to hold tight. Stick white chocolate buttons on with icing for the eyes, and blob some red icing in the middle for the pupils. With coloured icing pens, draw a mouth and put some coloured dots on top of the spider’s head.